A typical club

⏰ All online. Weekly 1-hour meet ups at the same time of day.

💡 Begins with a discussion on the theme of the day - crypto? stocks? debit cards?

✨ Stock market competitions and understanding the market and the reason behind your portfolios performance.

🤩 Social time at the beginning, middle, and end of each session.

We're like a year round camp


Enrichment, social, and emotional benefits to build young doers and future leaders.


College student mentors who get the kids ahead of the game.


We Inspire and motivate your kids to gain skills in future-forward themes.


New friends and 1 hour to yourself! Each club is filled with friends and no parent involvement.

Virtual & Future Forward

Weekend clubs
Pick from one of our unique club series. For kids ages 6-13. Choose a clubs of your choice and your kids will their club experience with new peers and a interactive club counselor.

Small groups of 5
Your kid joins a video call through clubba. We keep the club groups small (up to 5 kids) so social interactions and creativity can thrive.

Passionate club counselors
Every club has a club counselor who is a college student who is also a creator. These counselors have a passion in the subject and have hands-on activities for each session.

New skills & friends
Your kid finishes each session with new friends and a new skill they couldn't learn in class. Sessions have movement exercises and ice breakers so there's never a dull moment.

About our clubs

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We get your kids moving & doing

Kids are in class sitting on a chair all day. Think of us as recess. Every club session has surprise breaks with movement exercises & games.


Small-group pods of 5

Is your kid sick of big group classes, activities, or games since they don't get the attention they deserve? Small groups create strong friendships and results.

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One click join

No more frustrations messing around with meeting links and joining codes. We make it so easy. One click and voilà, your kid has joined the club.


Future forward clubs only

You care about the future and so do your kids. Our clubs build young leaders in a fun and social way. We currently offer clubs where we teach your kids how to be master creators in their chosen club theme. Clubs for kids include: acting, video making, entrepreneurship, code & game, & more.


Not a class. It's time to socialize

This isn't a class, we keep it campy. Kids engage with each other, do projects during the session, and leave with something tangible every time.


Club parties

At the end of each club level, kids have a virtual club party to celebrate!

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