About us

Why clubba

We're like a year round camp.

What kids get out of clubba?


Enrichment, social, and emotional benefits.


College student mentors.


Inspiration and motivation to gain skills in future-forward themes.


New friends!

Our Vision

To create more compassionate open minded leaders on a global scale by building an accessible and equitable passion economy of young doers.

How We're Different

We're not an online class and typical after-school activities are boring. We move away from this. We're a place where your kid will find their tribe and their passions. If they want to do a fashion club or a robotics club, they'll meet kids from around the nation with the same interests and passions as them. They won't be lectured to, they'll discuss, work together, and learn relevant skills.

Recurring vs. On Demand Clubs

Recurring clubs are 4-8 sessions and have takeaways from each session. These are typically 1x a week. Kids are in the same group for a series of time instead of just a one-off session. Kids will have the same counselor throughout a recurring session. After a recurring session, kids can unlock a level 2 club and learn more skills under the same theme!

On demand sessions are for kids who want to tap their toes into a concept. It's a great way to try different sessions out and see which one they love the best!

The Leadership Team

Want to join the team?

Ifrah Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Connor Ford

Chief Technology Officer